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Several years ago, Harry opened a counseling office with the desire to help couples learn to live in marriage relationships that are pleasing to each other and to God.  Believing that most struggles are related to misunderstanding or miscommunication, his belief is that relationships will be restored and strengthened with some basic communication skills.  No relationship is "too far gone" with God, and Harry stresses Christ-likeness as the constant goal.  It is the underlying theme to his counsel.  This is a free service.  This is a faith-based ministry that relies on the support received from those who believe in this ministry.  All tax deductible gifts can be sent to:

Harry Layden Ministries

9726 East 42nd Street
(42nd & Mingo)
Osage Bldg, Suite 111
Tulsa OK 74146



4524 S. Sycamore Ave
Broken Arrow OK 74011










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