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MATTHEW September - December 2014
Compassion Handout
Signs: We need them but we do not obey them
Ok Who forgot to bring the Bread? Handout
Who do they say I am? Handout
Jesus, you are going to do What?! Handout
Denying Self Handout
Mountain-Top Experience Handout
The Power of Great Faith Handout
Mustard Seeds and Friendly Fish Handout
But I am just a Child Handout
Relationships with other Believers Handout
MATTHEW June - August 2014
Parable of the Mustard Seed and Leaven Handout
Treasures, Pearls, and Final Destinations
The Power if Unbelief
John the Baptist: A life God can live through Handout
Herod: A man God can't use Handout
Great Speaker... What's for Dinner? Handout
Preparing for the Storms Handout
Water Walkers Handout
Confrontation, Condemnation, or Compassion Handout
The Heart Revealed Handout
Great Faith Handout
MATTHEW March - May 2014
The need for Revival Part1 Handout
The need for Revival Part2
Unpardonable Sin Handout
Give me a sign Handout
Religion and Relatives: Both can be difficult Handout
Parable of the Sower Part1 Handout
Parable of the Sower Part2
Parable of the Wheat and Tares Handout
MATTHEW January - February 2014
John the Baptist Part1 Handout
John the Baptist Part2 Handout
Wisdom: Having Ears to Hear Handout
The response of unbelieving - Indifference Handout
Trouble at Church Handout
Healing on the Sabbath Handout
What is truth? Handout
MATTHEW November - December 2013
Dumbness Handout
Disbelief Handout
Preparation for Suffering and Service Part1 Handout
Preparation for Suffering and Service Part2 Handout
Preparation for Suffering and Service Part3 Handout
MATTHEW August - October 2013
The Power over Despair Handout
The Power over Distance Handout
The Power over Disease Handout
The Power over - Me First Handout
Where is your Faith? Handout
The Power over Demons Handout
The Power over Difficulty Handout
The Power over Disdain Handout
The Power over Death Handout
The Power over Doubt Handout


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